I am currently putting the finishing touches to my first fictional novel. For me personally, it has been a true labor of love and one of the most fulfilling pathways I’ve ever traveled. The story is mainly set in New York and New Jersey, but side treks to other fascinating locations are frequent. The story lends itself to a series of secondary twists and turns that mesh seamlessly with the main plot to both enhance and intensify it. The novel spans almost fifty years and ends as the twentieth century draws to a close, leaving tremendous potential for a sequel. The characters are intriguing, colorful and diverse. Two families of Irish descent, from opposite corners of the financial world, are united by marriage. The plot explodes with an absorbing range of emotions, situations and occurrences, some side-splittingly hilarious, while others are incredibly heart wrenching. Without doubt, a wide range of readers will be entertained, captivated and enriched. The writing of this book has affected me deeply. It amazes me how the characters I’ve created and the events surrounding their lives seem real. The process has elicited a range of emotions, but mainly what remains are feelings of joy and contentment. The final editing and publishing come next! I’ll be patient, but earnestly look forward to the day when I’ll have the privilege of being able to share my novel.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Will Borden

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